Our story

We started as a group of mums who found a handful of nappies that our toddlers did not fit into anymore. After considering the options of what to do with only six nappies – pass them onto a friend? Keep them for the next child? Throw them out - what a waste! - we began to wonder if there were other parents out there that also had a handful or even half a box of nappies they were unable to use. What if we were able to collect all these left over nappies and distribute them to families in crisis or in need? Collectively these handfuls of nappies could make a big difference.

In October 2013, we launched our first Nappy Collective via Facebook. With the wonderful support of The Staple Store (our first drop off site), we were overwhelmed with the response. Within two weeks, over 1500 nappies had been collected. The Nappy Collective was born.

Since then, our collectives have expanded around Australia, bringing our total tally of nappies collected to date to over 2 million!

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Who we are
The Nappy Collective Board is comprises passionate members in Melbourne with an array of backgrounds. Sandy, Alison, Skye, Carol and Rebecca are committed to engaging parents across Australia to help struggling families by donating their leftover nappies and in doing so, alleviating the stress of affording this basic baby essential.

The Board is supported by equally dynamic Committees in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Alice Springs, Albury, Newcastle, Canberra, Hobart and Geelong. Each Board and Committee member shares the belief that every baby in Australia deserves a clean bottom and that every mother should be able to provide this. Our mission is to make this happen. Of course, we couldn’t do it without our incredible volunteers who come together twice a year to sort a mountain of nappies into lovingly sorted, counted and packed boxes of nappy goodness. To volunteer with The Nappy Collective, click here.


Sandra Jacobs is the founder and chair of The Nappy Collective. She is also the CEO of the Bennelong Foundation, a mother, wife, connector, social entrepreneur and a committed corporate and global citizen. She is passionate about empowerment of women and creating collaboration between sustainable social change and profitability.
Skye Berman is excited to join The Nappy Collective, contributing a background in advertising and not for profit arts marketing and management in Australia and the United States. She is passionate about helping her local community and is proud to be part of this initiative’s positive social change.
Carol Navarro has over 15 years experience as a Chartered Accountant and is The Nappy Collective's Treasurer. Carol has embraced the world of nappies thanks to her daughter Jasmine and is thrilled to be a part of this important community initiative.
Alison Conn is a long time strategist as well as the mother of three extremely busy boys. She is passionate about helping others, especially when it involves mothers and their children, and loves helping turn unused nappies into such valuable resources for people in need. She is excited to be a member of the Board of such a great organisation.
Rebecca Kotow


Lani Masuku is the new CEO of The Nappy Collective. She’s had over 10 years experience in the not for profit space where she’s exercised her passion for solving issues experienced by marginalised women. A serial social entrepreneur, Lani believes in supporting any mechanisms that solve the problem of cyclical poverty.
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